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Namaste! I am a final year law student and a cat mama. I love shells, animals, vast expanses of water, pressed flowers among a gazillion other things!
Hope you find my writing motivating!

Why ‘Atom’ is the best meditation app ever?

Is one of your new year goals to be more mindful? or maybe start a meditation habit? Then fear not! I have the perfect app for you to start and stay consistent with your meditation practice. Read the post to find out the best ever app for meditation – Atom app – wellness, simplified

How I got 1st rank in CPET 2020

This articles gives you details and things they wont tell you about the CPET exam. I go in great detail of each stage of preparation and resources I used. It includes this year question paper of 2020 and also the syllabus for the CPET exam along with this year’s analysis.