Three books that changed my life – 3/3

A focus-pocus spell that converts frustration to fulfilment, pain to purpose, a victim to visionary.”

Amy Wonders in ‘Breaking the foundation of procrastination’

The last book in this series of ‘three books that changed my life’ is Breaking the foundation of procrastination by Amy Wonders. Though this one is much more recent than the other book, it is still one of my favorite self-help book. I will be adding my review of the book and the few quotes I especially liked from it later in this post.

Before I begin to tell you how I came to read this book and I have never been the same since, you can read part 1 and part 2 of the series here.

The final book that changed my life and has brought me into this journey of self improvement, also includes a detailed review!

And now onto the story –

‘Breaking the foundation of procrastination’ was my first e-book. It was actually kindly sent to me by the amazing author – Amy wonders for review (who is by the way super fantastic, kind, patient, wise, insightful and oh! I could go on and on and rave all about her! But do go support her and buy her book here .)

I got to meet her through instagram, tagged on one of her pictures by my sister (she is always playing some kind of shady role in these moments). I found her work to be incredible and told her so, after which she offered to send me her first book for review.

Not to lie, at that time, I was hit by a severe rut of un-productivity (if there was a word for that). I didn’t do chores, or my academics or anything as a matter of fact. Some days I found it hard to even look at my phone. And because of this weird phase, I was procrastinating even on reading the book.

I didn’t come around to the reading that book till my area was unexpectedly struck by Fani – a super cyclone. We didn’t have power for days and it was during the power-deprived, cyclone-devastated May afternoon, I picked up the book to read. (Yes, I realize all my life changing moments are when I am especially sweaty sitting in relentless heat of merciless summer noon)

When I started reading it, I was absolutely gob-smacked, I pulled out my notebook and started making rigorous notes and there were numerous ‘Aha’ moments where I understood the reasons for my behavior.

Anyway, since I don’t want to ramble on, I will cut the story short (read the detailed review below) I am now on a self-improvement journey, hoping to make myself better and live up to my potential. I am not in any way perfect but I understand the cause and consequence of my actions now – which is how you systematically break the foundation of procrastination.


If I had to use one quote to define this marvellous book by Amy wonders – it would be the same line that inspires me everyday to wake up and get things done (and if I manage to get the permission from the author I will try and make it into a wallpaper) “A focus-pocus spell that converts frustration to fulfilment, pain to purpose, a victim to visionary.” The book on the whole is short, sweet and to the point, like a bullet straight out of the sniper’s gun. Before this book, I was reading the world famous 5AM club by Robin Sharma but frankly I felt it was unnecessarily elongated unlike this book. This book is an easy motivating read. Before I had picked up this book, I was uninspired, frustrated and my productivity was plummeting.

However, this book has helped me understand why I procrastinated (you will be amazed at the reasons for procrastination.) and since I now wholly understood the foundation, I am systematically trying to break it down.

Moreover, the techniques to defeat procrastination are so so practical! I, for instance, love writing and so the questionnaire method was perfect for me. I will not say I have never procrastinated after finishing this book but I am more mindful of my time than ever. Any morning I am feeling particularly lethargic and unmotivated to get out of the bed in the ungodly hours of 4.30 am, I recall the why of my journey and more often than not, it is enough. This other quote about motivation in her book, particularly, strikes a chord with me –

“We’re all motivated at the beginning because our reasons for the journey we just started are right before our eyes. As time goes by, as we feel certain discomforts, as an everyday life routine waters down our excitement, when a few obstacles emerge and when there come a few prices to pay, our focus usually sticks to them, we complain more than we dream, we perceive as expensive the same thing we once saw as worthy. And where attention goes, energy flows. When it’s not going to the opportunities, but to limitations; not to the reasons to start, but to the reasons to quit or delay, when it goes from love to fear, from freedom to comfort, our initial reasons become a distant pale memory, and giving up – the most logical thing to do.”
Another thing that I would like to point out in the book is the least talked about topic – being busy. I need not elucidate when the author herself has put the words so eloquently. – ‘We feel that the more busy and stressed, the more respectable and valuable we are. That busyness may give us a perception of ourselves as a diligent and responsible person, but not the results such a person would have. We experience stress, but not progress. Busy doesn’t mean productive. Busyness is not business.” Frankly, it was heartening and enlightening to know this because I have always felt I was not busy enough.
Further more, the most important thing I felt when reading the book was how it doesn’t put us, the readers down. I felt as if the book was a gentle guide, helping me see and discover for myself where my mistakes lay, how I could correct them instead of flashing harshly at them and telling me I was wrong, terribly misled and wasted all of my life. The book gives me hope, that I can be better, I can do more that everything until now has been to mould me. That from this point onwards I can only grow.

But, as Amy reiterates in her book, you need to come back to the techniques over and over again, keep them in your mind and truly dive into their meaning, implication and repercussions. “There are people able to change their lives motivated by a single good sentence from a poor and boring book, and there are those who stay untouched even by the wisest master pieces.”

Psh. Also, the book contains link to the most insightful and fascinating material on procrastination ever. Isn’t that neat?

This book is a must for the curious and for those who want to defeat the procrastination monkey once and for all.

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