Lockdown diary: unproductive to productive

When I started this blog I never meant it to give advice only instead I wished to share my journey, my mistake and my lessons with you. One of the things I recently had to overcome was – procrastination. It hit me harder than I could remember and the following is the account of what I did to regain my control over it. And before we proceed remember sometimes the solution lies in the simplest ways.

Last Monday I realized that my productivity was plummeting, but still I forced myself to work on a blog post hoping Tuesday would make it better.

Tuesday came, new lows for my productivity. Which meant higher anxiety and stress levels. Finding no solace in motivation speeches, I decided to sleep on it, after all tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday came and my failed attempts at working on academics finally broke me down. It was as if a fuse had gone out in my brain and no amount of coaxing, yelling or external motivation could get it to work. It was then that I realized that I was thoroughly burnt out. I had been too ambitious with my to-do list for the past few weeks and the ever growing list of undone things along with the constant negative thoughts in my head had done its work. I was in no position to do anything any more.

On Thursday I decided to take a break – a proper idle break. I hid away my planner and didn’t even grace my books with a glance. Instead, from Friday to Sunday I indulged in whatever my heart desired – cooking, making pressed flower coasters, drawing, reading webnovels/manhwas/mangas (I am addicted to them now by the way) anything I wished that wasn’t remotely related to work.

And in this manner of living, I rejuvenated come Sunday night, I sat down with my weekly planner and planned out my goals for the week. I am ambitious as per usual, I am not crushing all my goals either but that’s okay for me. I am happy. I am content. And I am back hustling.

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