New semester prep

September sees many new beginnings especially in terms of academics. Almost everyone starts a new school/ university year this month so below is the way I like to prepare for my new semester. (Remember there is no right or wrong way to prep for your semester, the objective is to get into the new academic year with and the learning mindset!) –

I discovered that a fresh start is a process. A fresh start is a journey – a journey that requires a plan

Vivian Jokotad
  1. End of semester review 
    • I am a notorious journaling addict. I love writing about my study experience so after each semester I like to go through those writings and see what worked for me, what sparked joy, moments I am proud of, subjects I liked, any special tips I got, what are the lessons I learnt, etc.
    • Don’t worry if you have not made a journal, just sit down and think about your last semester and write down water comes to your mind.
  2. Clean room
    • Every fresh start deserves a clean space, so take out those old books, get yourself new binders, stationery whatever you need for a new start and rearrange your room.
    • When you have done arranging, bust out your cleaning supplies and get your sanctuary spic and span!
  3. Collect books/material for new semester
    • Before you start university, you might want to get a list of recommended books from either your professors or seniors. Personally, I like to spam my seniors, professors, friends with questions about recommendations at least 02 months before my new semesters. That way I am able to get the titles I need from the library.
    • However, if you need to buy books (like me this semester) be sure to google the books and be ultra-sure about your choice.
    • Further, if it is possible check the book in the store/library and see if you like the writing style, is it easy to understand etc.
  4. Get your notebooks/ documents ready
    • As soon you get your stationary, mark them out for each subject so as not to confuse yourself and save yourself from the decision fatigue later on.
  5. Make reference pages
    • While I will be making a separate post about it later, I can tell you the this is a huge lifesaver. Before the semester starts, I like to go through the material and note down the page no. or the portion containing the syllabus topics. This way later on, you won’t need to keep searching the entire book repeatedly.
  6. Make revision tracker
    • I learnt this technique from Rebecca also known as @simplylawstudyblog on instagram and it is quite simple enough. You take your syllabus, chop it into small digestible chunks and put them in a table format for each subject. Then you make column as per your learning style. For example, you can write the topic name and add say 03 columns – essay plans, flashcards, mindmaps.
    • I will be showing a sample in a later post but you can check out Rebecca’s feed for all the details. It is a beautifully explained piece.
    • This is the link to her post – here
  7. Pack your bag
    • You have got everything in order now all you need is pack up your bags with all the essentials you need and go and get that beauty sleep before you go hustlin’ hon!


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