Interview with Lucy Cole

Recently Lucy Cole (you can visit her blog here) and I collaborated to get you a comprehensive insight into the routine of one the most productive people I know. Read on to find out more about her

  • Namaste! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on being awarded the ‘Dean’s Commendation for exceptional performance’ from the @uniofexeter. Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi! I’m Lucy and I’m a current second year student at the University of Exeter. I run a blog @lucydoeslaw documenting my journey into a career as a corporate solicitor (hopefully). I also have a big passion for coffee-drinking and musical theatre!

  • Why did you chose law?

I have always been a lover of all things academic and all things theatre… so law seemed like a good combination of both! I love the research side of law, but also the performance of being in court and putting on a professional persona when liaising with clients. I also used to read lots of books about lawyers when I was younger, as well as taking part in mock-court activities at school, so the law has been following me around for a while!

  • Tell us about your studygram and blog, what prompted you to start it and what kind of content can the followers/readers expect?

I started my studygram and blog for two reasons; the first to document my journey into law and to support others – knowing they are not alone in the struggle! The second was to hold myself accountable to stuyding!!

  • You are one of the most productive person I know. You blog, vlog, take uber cool pictures and get the top grades and internships. What is your secret to being the do-it-all girl?

That’s so sweet – thank you! Honestly, I don’t think there is a big secret. I have a really strong passion for what I’m doing and what I’m aiming for – so that really helps to keep me motivated. I am a BIG planner, so timetabling, diaries and to-do lists are my best friends – but otherwise I just keep smiling and striving for my goals.

  • On an average how much time do you spend on social media? (@lucydoeslaw)

According to Instagram I spend 46 minutes on that platform a day! Is that a lot or not much!? I just go on social media to reply to messages and post etc… if I need to sit down and really focus on work I’m quite good at turning off my phone and hiding it away.

  • How do you unwind after a long day?

I LOVE a bath when I’m at home. I don’t have one at Uni *cries* so defo a cup of tea and a Netflix series – maybe a facemask if I’m feeling particularly fancy!

  • What are your goals for this year? Any specific goals you want to achieve after completing your law course?

This year I’m going into second year, and my biggest goal is to achieve a vacation scheme for next summer! On the same theme, after my course, I’d like to have a funded LPC ready for me before my training contract – but I’d also love to come out with a high degree qualification.

  • Any mistakes you have made in your academic career? Anything you learnt from them?

Not preparing enough for syndicates and seminars! At the beginning of studying law I thought these were just group sessions where we all support each other – which they are – but they work a lot more effectively when you all prepare well and can push each other to the next level. It’s always good to have lots prepared if your lecturers are popping in and out of the room too.

  • Any message for our readers who are starting out as law students this month?

Enjoy yourself and don’t be too daunted!! It always seems like everyone is on top of their game, but trust me, they aren’t. Even the most productive people fall behind and have their own stresses so just keep your head up and do your best.

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