Why is my bag dying? Discovering its insides

My sole aim in life is to go anywhere prepared like a General for war, which is why in my school days I carried at least 3-5 bags full of books, water bottles and what not. I was (and always am) deathly paranoid that I will leave something behind and when the time comes I wont have it at hand.

And so, even though over the years I have considerably lightened my bag and reduced the number to one (very begrudgingly), it is not what you would call “an average university-goer” bag pack.

DISCLAIMER: The picture is not an actual representation of the contents of my bag. It is clicked primarily for aesthetic purposes.

My bag is a LAVIE bag with a capacity of 40L and it is still bursting with the stuff I carry. So if you are curious what I may need on a daily basis, here’s a list.

  • Ring binder/ notebook to write down notes.
  • Bare acts as per the subject being taught
  • My planner/ bullet journal or both
  • A separate college folder to carry A4 sheets, any xerox I may need, prospectus and syllabus of our college
  • A rough copy for random doodling.
  • My pouch (I have three but I carry only one to my university)
    • Black and blue pens – At least three of each
    • Pencils – both mechanical (size 2mm and 0.5mm) and non-mechanical
    • Ruler
    • Eraser
    • Sharpener
    • Pen drive
    • Pen knife (Don’t ask why)
    • Gum
    • Stapler
    • Mini notepad
    • Highlighter – earlier four, but since one pouch died due to overloading reduced to two
  • Tissue set – not for me, but for a crying soul (and if I happen to be just in the area. Its been 4 years and I haven’t had the chance to use it.)
  • Sanitary napkins – always be prepared.
  • Stole/ Scarf – to tie on face when I go out in the sun/ dust (in addition to the dupatta I already use)
  • Laptop (it weighs 2.1kg and I skip it some days because my back hates me when I make it feel like a donkey lugging around an already heavy bag pack)
  •  A book to read if I feel bored
  • Water bottle
  • Rags (to clean, India is a dusty place, I am always wiping or scrubbing)
  • Miscellaneous kit –
    • Bindi (I wear it on a daily basis)
    • Hair band/ clip (I have pixie haircut, I don’t need it but I carry it for the other girls)
    • Safety pin (for wardrobe malfunctions)
  • Camera – mine is Nikon Coolpix A300 great for macro/ landscape/ pet photography
  • First Aid Kit –  (again, for others and seldom for myself)
    • Disprin for head aches
    • Boroline or equivalent for bruises or wounds
    • Divya Dhara or for sinus or insect bites
    • Paracetmol for high fever
    • Band-aid + Cotton for immediate treatment of wounds
  • Purse
    • Pen (I have a hoarding problem)
    • Photographs (Passport)
    • Cards (seldom)
    • Library card
    • Driving license (in the event I need to prove my identity)
    • Money (I am always broke so never have much on hand)

And that’s it folks!

Let me know what you carry in your bags!

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