5 Things to do before you start the new school year

With the lock-down being relaxed the probability of universities opening up for a new academic session drawing close, we are into the back-to-school season. And to help you fit easily into the new system, I have complied a list of 5 things to do before you start on your latest academic journey, all of them stem from experience of what worked for me and what I wish I had know back when I started. –

  • Get your syllabus – Most of the schools and colleges provide syllabus for the new academic session beforehand either online or they are available as a standard format of books to be purchased. However, if neither options are viable at the moment, consult your seniors for the same(more on that later)
  • Collect all the stationery you need –you will find it helpful to sit down and make a list of everything you think you need in your new session (here is a post on what I used to take.) and then start collect/ buying them as required. This will ensure you have sufficient supplies to last you the year without having to run to the nearest store every time you run out of something. Always remember  to stock up after all – “two is one, one is none”
  • Watch blogs/ vlogs – if you can, find bloggers/ vloggers who study in the same academic year and university that you are going into so as to get a feel of how things will proceed. This will help you visualize your academic year. However, if you are unable to find anyone specifically from the university/ school you have enrolled in, don’t worry and find similar bloggers/ vloggers even if they are from different countries – this will expose you to different study cultures and be helpful in finding your own study style.
  • Read schoolbooks on basics – this is something I figured out recently. School books are designed for easier understanding while also maintaining an unbiased integrity of the content. A 10-page chapter will help you have a more comprehensive outlook on a subject than a 60-page research paper on the same topic. It may not be as detailed as you like but at least you won’t be going blind into your semesters. This is especially helpful in cases where your course introduces subjects like history, social studies at an intermediate level but you don’t have the best grip on the foundation yet.
  • Use social media – yes, use that social media account, whether it is instagram, facebook, twitter anything you like and search for your university/school. If they have a page, excellent! Contact people who follow the university and ask them about the course, study methodologies they used, doubts you may have etc.,. Someone is bound to reply plus by connecting with people you have started a network where people know you are earnest and hardworking (win-win!)
  • BONUS: research on the study methods that are used in your chosen course of study and make a note of them! You can refer to these study techniques during your school year and adapt them to suit your style, this way you won’t be spending time googling – “how to study 482564275238 pages in one night” before your exams.

That’s all, folks! Let me know if you would have wanted to add anything else?

Until next post, HAPPY HUSTLIN’ HON

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