100 days of focus challenge

It is an open secret that the attention span of humans has been on the decline since the last century and currently the scientists peg the attention span of an average human adult at 08 seconds (in 2019) which in turn directly affects our ability to focus. This is obviously not ideal for anyone who wants to do deep work, creative or research related tasks. But the good news is that we can improve, train and increase our focus period through gradually increasing our time and daily practice. Thus, to encourage you to set off on this journey of building up your power to focus, I have brought to you the 100 days of focus challenge!

What is the 100 days of focus challenge?

Just like the 100 days of productivity challenge, in this challenge you pick a task, any task like studying, drawing, dancing, learning a new language, writing etc and focus on it for 01 hour every day for the next 100 days.

Obviously you don’t need to concentrate on exclusively one task for 01 hour, you can make it a batch of similar kinds of tasks like –

  • creative tasks that include writing and drawing
  • If you are student you can simply stick to studying
  • If you are into fitness then exercise and healthy eating etc
  • Or you can simply focus on getting a priority task done in that 01 hour

While I would discourage multitasking for the challenge, you can do so if you feel comfortable with it.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that you do the 01 hour in a time block, at the end of the day you must have done an accumulative 01 hour block of focus. (you can also do more than 01 hour on a day if you like but 01 hour is a must)

Why should I join 100 days of focus?

  • It will help you increase your attention span as well as your period of focus
  • It will help you build good habits and systems that will bring you success
  • If you are very unmotivated and can get nothing done then even if you complete only 01 task, you get 100 tasks done at the end of this period.
  • You can go to sleep feeling accomplished everyday
  • If you choose to go the social media route you will connect with people looking to improve like you through the challenge.

What should I focus on?

Anything you feel like improving your focus on, while mostly people pick things related to academics or skill improvement or profession to focus on, you can choose anything.

Does it have to be consecutive days?

No! You can take breaks if you need them! While people prefer to have consecutive days to maintain a streak, you don’t have to do the same. Just take a break and bounce back! (If you don’t want to fall behind you can always increase the number of focused hours to make up for the days lost and complete within your target time)

How do I join the challenge?

You can join any day, any time! However, most people like to be accountable while taking part in challenges, i.e. the most common way to stay accountable is to post pictures of what you did in that one hour on your social media for 100 days but it is fine, if you don’t do want to do that.

If you do decided to join you can use the hashtag #100dof on instagram and tag me so that I can share it~

Moreover, I am starting on 01st August 2020 so you can start with me if you like (and we can be accountable to each other) or you can start earlier or later.

How do I track my 100 days of focus?

Good question! There are actually a number of ways to do that  –

  • You can use our 100 hours of focus printable (click the colour you want and download the pdf that says focus – *colour name*) and tick off hours as days go by and at the end of each 10 hours you get to give yourself a reward
  • You can use an app called forest to track the time you have spent focusing. It is a gamified timer in which you set a timer and lock your phone for the specified time forcing you to focus without a distraction
  • You can use another app called grow that records a streak of your daily habit and even sends reminder as and when you need it.
  • You can record/ journal it in a bullet journal
  • You can cross off dates on a calendar after marking the start and end dates

In the end, I must say I am very excited to start this challenge with you! I would love to make a group with you all on instagram to stay motivated and accountable throughout the journey. All the best!

And till the next post, HAPPY HUSTLIN HON!

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