RAD Planners: BTS organisers – free printables

For years, I have wanted planners that had a neat and simple format while being extremely efficient as well. The one way to do it was to bullet journal, however being lazy as I am, I could never keep up with the habit of redrawing the templates over and over again in each new page. So, I started looking online for printables. The good ones were expensive for a broke student like me and the free ones were either entirely ineffective or messy.

So, I had stuck to my to-do list while desperately searching for a solution and this is where I met Nada (of @learnnada) When I followed her account, the first thing I was deeply impressed by was the immaculate organizing strategies she followed and how wonderfully connected she was with her inner self (she has the kind, understanding, disciplined vibe I aspire to have). Then we started talking and eventually I got her to collaborate with me on this project called the RAD planners. (download here)

The RAD planner is a set of 5+1 back-to-school planners. They are minimal, elegant, extremely efficient free printables. They are available in peach, pink, blue, dark yellow, green and gray colors (moreover, if you have any particular colour you want, just drop me the hex code and I will make it for you.) Also, all of them have been made in the portrait mode so when you print and use it, you don’t have to switch between turning the pages to use it. (pretty cool no?)

Disclaimer: All the planners have been designed by Nada, I just digitized them.

It has –

  • Admin day checklist
  • Main goals planner
  • 100 focused hours planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly planner
  • BONUS: study session planner

How to use?

  • Admin day checklist
    • Many students (regardless of the level of education they are at) neglect their health – both mentally and physically, which harms them in the long run. So, to help them take care of themselves, we have launched the easy to use admin day checklist!
    • All you have to do is pick a day as your admin day (you can pick whichever day you like. I chose Sundays as my admin day and Nada has selected Fridays to take care of herself) and get this printable
    • In it, you can note your major tasks in to-do list and write tasks according to the categories of – priorities, self-care (make sure to do something healthy for yourself on your admin days), and miscellaneous activities like binging on the series you like, cleaning or meal prepping (Nada highly recommends this by the way.)
    • We also have included a little reflection corner to get that added clarity in your daily life
  • Main goals planner
    • We all have long term and short term goals. But once in a while, we loose track of what is important and what area we should focus on.
    • So, to counter this, we have launched the main goals planner with the following categories goal – academic, personal, spiritual, binge, health, social.
    • The best thing about this goal planner is that you don’t have to worry about completing them in a particular frame of time. You can choose to set goals for a week, month, or as long or short as you like, which is why we have provided the start and end date column along with space for check-in dates, so that you can see when you have completed all your goals (hurray!)
    • Also a little space for quotes to add that daily dose of inspiration.
  • 100 focused hours planner
    • In this day and age, when our attention span keeps on decreasing, it is essential that we train our focus and how do we do that? With the help of the 100 focused hours planner of course!
    • The idea behind it is to tick one box for every 01 hour focused. It doesn’t have to be specifically dedicated to studies, you can do it for your projects, writing or anything you want really.
    • And when you have ticked 10 boxes showing you have focused for 10 hours, you get to have a reward! (how delightful!)
    • So you can tick 100 boxes and get yourself some fantastic surprise you always wanted because you deserve it!
    •  Furthermore, you will find space to motivation and note area of focus. Both of them are subjective to your interpretation. In motivation, you can write a quote, goal or paste a picture that motivates you (because a 100 hours of focus is not easy honey) and in area of focus you can write the areas you are focusing on or you need to focus on, your choice.
  • Weekly planner
    • This is pretty easy to use actually. You only have to write your to-dos on specified days, set your priorities and you are good to go.
    • We have set a space for 5 news habits for you to track and learn each week because consistency is key! Also, a little self-reflection at the end of the week will do you wonders (take my word for it.)
  • Monthly planner
    • Another straight forward planner. Schedule events, deadlines of months, track 3 new habits, write your main goals for the month and get going!
    • You can add little notes or colour code your events in the space provided for it
    • And of course, what good is a monthly planner without a great quote to be added by you? (ample space so don’t worry!)
  • BONUS: study session planner
    • This is something I am extremely excited about! Given the amount of time I have spent on the internet scourging for good (and minimally aesthetic) study session planner, I think I can safely say this is by far the best one!
    • It has a space to write down the date of the study session and a hydration tracker where each drop denotes 1 glass of water (~Fill my cup, put some water in it~)
    • Studies are as important as your own fitness so make sure that at the end of the day, you have checked in with yourself and exercised! If you did, don’t forget to write yes, next to the fitness box!
    • The unique thing about the study planner is that you can spread your study session in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can either plan in advance and put in the time you want to study or you can write down the amount you have studied after you have actually done it, your call.
    • Then, we have the goal box where you can put down your study goals and in the event urgent matters crop up, don’t waste brain space on it, write it down!
    • There is space to write down the time you have set for yourself to complete a certain study task (because Parkinson’s law states that the work expands to the time alloted) and then you can also see where you set the time realistically by writing it down in the time taken space. This will enable you to estimate time taken better in future!
    • Also, you have a notes space to write down about the distractions or literally just use as a brain dump. Oh, and before I forget, this is available in grayscale as I feel it will be the most economical, but if you want other colours let me know!

And that’s it! Make sure to follow Nada on instagram for cool organizing tips and me for sneak peeks into future projects and random things (haha)

Do download, print and use them! If you do, don’t forget to tag both of us and let us know how you liked it~

Till next post, HAPPY HUSTLIN’ HON

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