Guide to study planners + FREE PRINTABLES

With universities back on handing out assignment to students and the global pandemic still raging, there is a lot of chaos. Students are busy figuring out ways to stay on top of the readings, research, dissertations and if you are a law student, moot court.

Worry not, Puralika is here to save the day with these FREE PRINTABLE PLANNERS AND CHECKLISTS!

This is a set of 3 planners available in grayscale, peach, pink, blue and green colour scheme!

Here’s a short guide on how to use each – 

  • Research trackers – 
    • I got the idea of making them while talking with @quills_and_inkpot she asked me how she should go about her research for her thesis and while I did suggest her a way, I felt a tracker would be the best way to organise and ‘track’ our progress. You can also use this as a base for your essays, dissertations or even to track your required readings!
    • The tracker has a topic line where you can mention the topic on which you are preparing. 
    • Then there is the reading list where you can either put down the names of material you need to read or break up one material. So, this is especially helpful while dealing with chunky textbooks or long and boring materials
    • The time taken space has been left blank so that you can either write the amount of time taken to read a particular material (or part thereof) like ‘20 minutes’ etc., or you can write the time window in which you read the material like 06.30PM to 07.30PM
    • Finally we have the colour code section where you can categorize the types of information you expect to find in the reading and make a colour key for it. For e.g. pink highlighter for important headings, green for legal provisions, orange for case laws etc.
    • And obviously the important dates list, where you can write your deadlines or the day you have fixed to finish a particular reading for research etc.,
  •  Dissertation checklist – 
    • This is based entirely upon @lorrainechimbga blog post and I personally vouch for this checklist. You can use this for any sort of long written assignments or essays.
    • It has a topic line, deadline space and also place to see how many days you have left to complete the dissertation.
    • There is a lot of blank space left to either make notes or simply mention the number of days you want to dedicate to each point in the checklist!
  • Moot court checklist – 
    • This is for the law students out there, who don’t know where to start preparing for their moot courts (I relate 💯) but now with this checklist all you have to do is follow the steps and get that moot court done!🙌
    • Pretty simple format to keep you focused on the work ahead!

Also, if anyone wants a particular shade, feel free to message me on instagram with the colour hex code and I will make one for you!

Shout out to @learnnada @vani_dash and with the feedback on it!

If you do use this, please tag me on instagram so I can see it! 

TIll next post, HAPPY HUSTLIN’ HON

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